Plumbing Maintenance – Repairs And Servicing Commercial & Residential


The kiwi spirit of “She’ll be right” does not apply when thinking about your plumbing. Leaving a little leak alone will inevitably cost you over time.  They don’t go away without attention. Regular maintenance of your plumbing and roofing will ensure that you keep on top of things, and ensure against unwanted future leaks and surprises. It’s vital to be proactive and actively prevent any plumbing or roofing issues arising.

Hamilton Plumbing will provide you with a tradesman that is technically orientated and understands the service you’re inquiring about – we will listen to you and make recommendations based on your requirements.


Our plumbers take a full range of quality plumber supplies on all jobs to ensure they can provide the service you need then and there. So whether you have an overflowing toilet cistern or a leaking shower, a dripping garden tap or a more serious plumbing problem, you can count on Hamilton Plumbing to have a plumber who can fix it.

And if you get a Hamilton Plumbing plumber in for a leaking tap and it takes him 5 minutes to fix it – ask him to check all the taps in the house while he’s there – unless he finds a major problem there’ll be no extra charge!

Our preventative services include:


  • Scheduled maintenance – 3 monthly, 6 monthly or annually
  • 12 Month contract for servicing
  • Gas preventative maintenance
  • IQP Backflow testing

Our reactive services include:

  • 24 hour 7 day a week emergency call out
  • Assessment for priority scheduling
  • Reassuring advice to minimise any damage
  • Fast response by an experienced tradesperson


We service and support a wide range of commercial and industrial premises, from large office block developments, multi-storey apartment blocks, and hotel complexes through to smaller commercial entities including restaurants, bars, and corporate offices. Proper maintenance of your commercial, industrial or municipal building plumbing systems can save money and energy. Consistent maintenance can also help you with tenant retention, removing the aggravation of plumbing problems with their experience living or working in your building.

Commercial Maintenance and Servicing


We understand the importance of keeping your commercial equipment, fixtures and appliances operating efficiently and in an optimal manner. We offer regular scheduled maintenance services for your plumbing facilities and gas appliances/equipment installed on site. Our maintenance programme is tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

Frequency of servicing may range from regular monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly servicing through to six-monthly or annual servicing. Servicing is undertaken at a time that is most convenient to your business including after hours or weekends.

Building Warrant of Fitness | IQP Backflow Testing

Hamilton Plumbing have qualified inspectors who can undertake Building Warrant of Fitness inspections for ‘buildings with specified systems’. We can test and certify the required appliances, and provide the Form 12A for Backflow Prevention.

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