Gas Fitting

Gas Fitting Services And Gas Water Heater Installations

Whether you are looking at installing gas at your home or you have a large commercial project in your plans, Hamilton Plumbing can do it all.


Our experienced and knowledgeable gasfitters can help you design the best gas solution for your home or business. Hamilton Plumbing gas fitters are qualified and certified for the installation of all gas appliances such as heaters, fireplaces and flues, gas hobs, hot water cylinders, gas barbeques and gas continuous hot water heaters.

For over 100 years, New Zealand has implemented the usage of gas in homes and businesses. Fossilised gas reserves have now been replaced with natural gas and LPG, and these are now widely used for water heating, cooking, space heating and commercial and industrial processes.

What is Gas Fitting?

Any work that involves installing, altering or repairing gas appliances is classed as Gasfitting. Also included, is the installation or removal of any gas pipes, ventilation or flue pipes.


Not only is gas a hazardous fuel but its by-products are hazardous too. All items relating to the delivery and burning of gas must be installed correctly to ensure their safe operation. A Hamilton Plumbing tradesman who is a certified gas-fitter can test, set, check and adjust all safety devices, combustion conditions and controls associated with the gas installation and ensure there is adequate ventilation.

When to get Maintenance done

You are responsible for ensuring the safe operation or maintenance of your gas appliances and equipment.

If ventilation inlets are blocked or restricted, or if a gas appliance is faulty or has not been adequately maintained, it can operate poorly, leak gas and catch fire, or possibly produce carbon monoxide, which can be fatal.


If your gas appliance is burning efficiently then the by-product is largely carbon dioxide and water vapour. However, if there are problems with the burning of the gas, the by-product can be carbon monoxide which is lethal if inhaled over time.

Regular maintenance of all gas appliances is recommended at least once a year and must be undertaken by an authorised person. Hamilton Plumbing are always happy to recommend one of our tradesmen to complete your maintenance.

How regular is regular when it comes to maintenance?



An annual check is wise however;

  • Flame effect heaters and LPG cabinet heaters should be serviced annually.
  • Other types of space heaters and water heaters should be serviced at least every two years.
  • Whenever a licensed gas worker is working in your home, get them to check that your gas appliances and installation are safe.
  • Consider replacing old appliances.
  • Avoid buying second-hand appliances.


Hamilton Plumbing carries full gasfitting certification for all of its staff. Since 1 July 2013 all gas fitting work has required a certificate.

Once gas is connected, the tradesman will issue a Gas Safety Certificate (GSC). This indicates the gas installation or part installation is safe to use and the gasfitting work has not adversely affected any other part of the gas installation. This is supported by Certificates of Compliance (CoCs) for any gasfitting defined as high-risk or general risk.


GSCs will be issued as soon as practicable after the gas installation or part installation is connected to a gas supply, but in any case no later than 20 days after connection. General and high-risk gasfitting is not considered complete until a CoC has been issued.

Once a CoC for high-risk gasfitting has been issued, Hamilton Plumbing will enter the required details relating to the work onto the Electricity & Gas High-risk Database ❨EGHRD❩. This will be done within 20 working days of the CoC being issued.

Some of the details that are loaded, referring to the gas work will be publically accessible. Your name, address or any other personal details are not publically accessible.

Hamilton Plumbing have years of experience installing gas to homes and businesses throughout the Waikato. Our experienced tradesmen are fully licensed and registered with the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board, you can rest assured you’ll receive expert installation, repairs and gas safety inspections.

Call us today on 0800 266 872 and talk to one of our knowledgeable tradesmen.

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