DrainLaying Services Hamilton – Subsoil Drainage Installation And Repairs


No matter if you are needing to relay a single drain or do a whole new drainage system, find a leak or garner some drainage advice Euro Plumbing are the only company you need.

If you are looking for a Waikato based drainage company with the right equipment and specialists, talk to us! We have the knowledge, equipment, heavy machinery and trucks required to provide a complete drainlaying service without using sub-contractors. All of our drainlayers are qualified, certifying drain layers and we have skilled digger drivers that aren’t time wasters.

Our Drainage Services


  • We lay new: sewer & stormwater services
  • We replace existing drainage
  • We offer Dig-up services and repairs to existing drains
  • We are qualified drainlayers and follow all council requirements
  • We will give advice and give the best options
  • Compliance with drainage requirements such as gully traps and underground drains


Why is drainage important?

No one wants to get sick or make anyone else sick and one of the premier causes of sickness is the transferral of pollution into the environment. Having a safe, effective and correctly installed drainage system plays an important role in protecting health and maintaining a pollution-free environment. If dirty water is not correctly disposed of it can pose a significant risk both to the community at large and to our environment.

Drains are underground pipes which carry dirty or surface water (storm water) and enter either an onsite waste water disposal system (septic tank) or a sewer which is likely to be controlled by a district council.

What is Drainlaying?


Drainlaying is any work involving the installation, alteration or repairs to a drain, including the fixing or unfixing of a drain to an onsite wastewater system (septic tank) or any trap.

All drain laying work must comply with the New Zealand Building Code and if your site requires building consent, then the work must be checked by the building inspector from the local council. A code of compliance certificate cannot be issued until the work has been signed off by the building inspector. Euro Plumbing can assist with this process.

Common Problems


If your drains fail, you are likely going to face an immediate need for rectification. The most common problem that occurs with a drain is blockage. Blockages occur for a number of reasons;

  • foreign objects dropped down the drain
  • tree roots invading
  • overloading
  • collapse
  • misalignment.


Whilst clearing a blocked drain does not fall under drain laying, anytime a drain is interfered with, the work can only be legally undertaken by a licensed drain layer.

Euro Plumbing can assist with all of your drainage requirements. If you are needing remedial work or planning and installation of a full new development drainage system – we are the only contractors you need.

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