Rheem 27 NG Installation, Kitchen And Shower Fitoff

Last week we did a job for a regular customer of ours involving a Rheem 27 natural gas unit installation, disconnection of a tank and the old hot water cylinder in the ceiling, disconnecting the bath, vanity and kitchen taps and installing new tapware for the shower and vanity, a new WC and reinstalling the kitchen taps to the bench at a new height.

 What is the benefit of the Rheem 27? The Rheem 27 is a gas water heater that boasts 6 star efficiency and an economical 2 liter per minute start up rate (most water heaters require a minimum of up to 3 liters). It also comes with a range of features including 10 year pro-rata warranty on the heat changer, 3 year warranty on parts, digital display for easy fault diagnosis and service and a unique flame safe overheat protection system. They are available in LPG and natural gas options.

In this instance the client wanted improved and more efficient water heater and to improve his fixtures while the job was getting done. So we were tasked with the water heater installation along with new shower and vanity installation, a new WC was put in and we had to reinstall the kitchen taps to a new height.

The client now enjoys hot water which not only arrives faster to his taps but also costs them significantly less than before! The installation was done by our Hamilton gas specialist and as you can see is a very clean install that not only looks good but will last for years to come.

Do you want to upgrade to a gas hot water system? Talk to us today if you are interested in upgrading to more efficient water heating.