Replacing A Vulcan Freeloader For A Customer

Recently we had a Hamilton customer ask us to do a site visit and have a look at their old Vulcan Freeloader which they wanted replaced. The old Vulcan had been in service for many years but the time had come to retire, and the customer wanted a more modern and reliable solution to hot water.

Our plumber went along to check out the installation and see what the best option for replacement would be. It was agreed with the customer that a 130L Rheem Stellar would be the best option for the application.

What are the benefits of a Rheem Stellar?

The Rheem Stellar water heater is the most efficient domestic gas water heater available in New Zealand. With high flow rate capabilities, it’s ideal for homes with more than one bathroom and moderate to high hot water use. It’s also ideal for massage showers or filling baths, and with no electrical connections necessary, it continues working even if the power goes off. Rheem Stellars also come with a 10 year warranty.

If you have an old Vulcan Freeloader and would like to get your water heater up to present day, consider a Rheem Stellar. Get in condact with us today to discuss upgrading your water heater!