Plumbing renovations in the Waikato

Our first month of plumbing in the Waikato area has been very busy. As a company that provides a range of services such as Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainage Euro Plumbing tends to get a variety of challenging works that need specialist advice and experience.

Renovations needing plumbing modifications tend to be at the top of the list around Hamilton and suburbs. In this instance a shower leak causing extensive damage to floor and walls had to be located and repaired.

Due to age the waterproofing was no longer working correctly and water found its way through the framework and into lower levels. Instead of just repairing the old leak which may have caused more trouble in the future, the home owner decided to fully upgrade to modern and more reliable shower.

As you can see in the image below, the original pipework is copper and has done very well for the past 60 years. With a new shower upgrade taking place it also makes sense to upgrade to a mains pressure shower mixer. The current low pressure system hardly copes with the water demand of the young family.


Copper can handle pressures up to 3000 KPA, (Hamilton has an average of 250 KPA) hence we are able to reuse most of the pipework and rearrange things to accommodate the new mains pressure hot water cylinder system which will be installed at a later date.

5 hours later, the old pipework is rearranged, the new layout complete and ready for the builders to return and complete the walls, plaster board and liner.

Stay tuned as we post updates on the complete mains pressure system and tapware.