Live Around Hamilton And Need Your Toilet Replaced?

As we all know, toilets are an essential part of any home. A non functioning toilet can mean disaster for a number of reasons, and must be quickly remedied. Do you have a toilet that needs to be replaced?

Recently we had to do a toilet replacement for a client in Hamilton. Their toilet was cracked, which resulted in leaks and not flushing correctly. This is obviously a serious problem, so we had to remedy it quick smart.

The customer opted to go with a new back to wall toilet suit which our plumber installed and joined to the pipe work.  The job was done in about 4 hours and had the customer’s toilet up and operating as it should be. Must have been a relief!

Do you have a toilet in Hamilton that you need replacing? A faulty toilet is a serious concern, not only for the obvious reason, but for that the fact that it can also cause health issues if sewage can get into your house by means of a leak. Any issues you have with a toilet need to be fixed immediately.

So what should you do if you have a damaged or leaking toilet that needs replacing in your Hamilton home? Calling the plumber is the obvious first step, and he will be able to tell you what you need to do to remedy the situation. If your toilet should need to be replaced, you have a number of options for what to go for.

The three main types of toilet suites are back to wall, wall hung and close coupled.

Back To Wall
A back to wall toilet is installed directly into a supportive wall with all the plumbing and pipes flowing straight into the wall. The cistern is either concealed behind the unit or in the wall itself, saving spaces and making for better aesthetics.

Wall Hung
The main distinctive feature of wall hung toilets is that the water tank is concealed behind the wall. The bowl is mounted to the wall and the plumbing is connected to the water tank inside the wall, accessible through the flush plate opening.

Close Coupled
The close coupled toilet is becoming an increasingly popular choice in recent times. The main fact is that they have a clean look. There are no pipes sticking out, just one streamlined unit. Close coupled toilets can easily replace older styles of toilets because they are easy to retrofit due to their design. They fit into very tight spaces thanks to their compact design.

For more information on the differences of toilets, see the toilet guide for beginners here.

If you need to replace the toilet, give us a call at Euro Plumbing Hamilton. We can help you select the right toilet for your home and get it going as soon as possible.