Gas Appliance Servicing

No one wants the burden, nor has much time, to be bogged down with understanding the ins and outs of all of their appliances. We often are full of vim and vigour when we get an exciting new appliance installed in our home, but over time the excitement wanes and all we really want is for the appliance to turn on every single time without giving the appliance any further thought.

But what happens when you hit the “go” button for your appliance and …. It doesn’t?

Having a regular maintenance plan along with regular servicing of your gas appliances is wise and contributes to the longevity of your appliance. Regular maintenance also helps you get the best out of your appliance for the money you spent on it in the first place.

Hamilton Plumbing can provide you with the right type of help and expertise when you need it. No matter what type or brand of gas appliance you have, our registered and experienced technician will get your appliance back up and running.

Often we receive pleas for appliance help through our website and call centre from customers that know there is an issue but don’t have the know how or technical knowledge to describe in detail what the problem is.

One such service request we received from one of our customers was regarding their Vulcan central heating system.  According to the customer “the unit makes noises but does not start.”

Hamilton Plumbing responded to our customer’s service request and found that there was a blockage in the pipe that lead to the air pressure switch. This was cleaned out and the fan was given extra lubrication. After this small service was provided the warm air boiler was found to work as it should and our customer was left happy with a fully functioning central heating unit again.

Although it can be very tempting, with the world of the internet, to Google or YouTube appliance issues and try to tackle them yourself, this is highly dangerous and should never be attempted. As you can see from the picture below, what might seem like a pretty simple “box” actually contains many components that only a registered gasfitter or plumber should ever work with.

Hamilton Plumbing has a number of both preventative and reactive services that we provide our customers, old and new.

Our Preventative services include:

  • Scheduled maintenance – 3 monthly, 6 monthly or annually
  • 12 Month contract for servicing
  • Gas preventative maintenance
  • IQP Backflow testing


Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  There is wisdom in subscribing to a regular maintenance plan. Often if maintenance is left and issues are ignored, the cost to your pocket is much higher overall.

If, however, you find that you have let maintenance lapse and there is an urgent issue that needs attention, Hamilton Plumbing can provide reactive servicing for your appliances.

Our reactive services include:

  • 24 hour 7 day a week emergency call out
  • Assessment for priority scheduling
  • Reassuring advice to minimise any damage
  • Fast response by an experienced tradesperson


For your own peace of mind, if you do not have a preventative service plan with us as yet, give us a call and we can schedule your appliances in for a regular maintenance service. Our technicians are certified, knowledgeable, experienced and friendly. We will arrange a time for our technician that suits you and once their work is complete you can rest easy again knowing that we will be in contact again for the next service when it is due. It takes away the pressure of you finding the time to arrange another thing in your life. It also allows you to use your home appliances safe in the knowledge that they are safe and fit for use for your family.