Another Rheem 27 Gas Installation By Our Hamilton Plumbers

Last week our Hamilton plumbers were involved in another Rheem 27 installation, this time a natural gas unit which was to replace a 135L low pressure hot water cylinder which had given up the ghost.

The old 135L low pressure cylinder that was providing the hot water had served for many years but could go on no longer, so the customer wanted to upgrade to a more modern, efficient water heating system which would not only save them money but would provide better hot water. The Rheem 27 was the obvious choice.

The Rheem 27 boasts the 6 star efficiency and improved minium flow start up, digital display for easy diagnosis and service and a 10 year pro-rata warranty on the heat exchanger. It is an excellent choice if you want to improve the efficiency of your water heater, just like our customer here has.

This type of install is a pretty common situation and our plumber reported smooth sailing on this job. The customer did ask for a capped off tee to be able to install a gas hob in future, which we think is an excellent idea.

Are you thinking about going with gas water heating? Give us a call today to discuss what your best option would be for your home. We will advise you on the best gas water heating option available for your requirements.